Shipment Dashboard

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Are you shipping hundreds of items a day and have no idea where they are? This dashboard is for you.

Starting at $999

The shipment tracking dashboard is designed for businesses who need to manage their shipments at scale. The Shipment Tracking Dashboard can be customized to fit your businesses needs.

  • Easily integrate into any ecommerce platform (WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and more)
  • Look up and search by customer email, order number, or any criteria
  • Visualize aggregate shipping data and get insights about your shipping process
  • Easily customize your dashboard and integrate with other tools
Use Cases
  • An ecommerce brand that ships thousands of items and needs to be able to look up the status of any shipment
  • A marketplace that needs to know whether or not sellers fulfill items and ship them to the buyer
  • An online store shipping perishable goods who needs detailed information about any shipping delay


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