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Square Online

Up to 10 Pages

Starting at $499

Great for small websites that want to quickly get their sites up to par

  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Enriched Alt Text
  • Keyword Research

Title Tags: The title of the website URL pages, there are various factors to optimize this, specific keyword use, length of title and using specific copy

Meta Descriptions:The copy that appears in the google serps. Again its important to include proper keyword infused copy, and have this in optimal length

Enriched Alt Text: Properly tagging and categorizing images using categories

Keyword Research: Properly identifying keywords that are least competitive that still have substantial search volume

Backlinks: Reaching out to external relevant websites to link back to the clients site. This website association improves the clients website

DA: Stands for domain authority. The higher the better


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