Scope Features

The Expert Marketplace,

One place for all of your expert needs.


Receive payments, set up your accounts payable, or collect financial data.


Guarantee an easy and enjoyable customer shopping experience.


Nurture relationships, expand your go-to-market, and drive sales.


Use modern technology to manage your employees with ease.

Data & Analytics

Get your data and analytics live quickly, so you can get a handle on your business.
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Facilitate implementations and other expert work for your product.


Access Scope through your own software.


A customer needs your product, but doesn’t have the developer resources to implement.

Expert Verification

Crosscheck new partners and onboard them to your product.


Receive new customer leads from expert partners.
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Talk with your customer and expert to maintain project transparency.

Project Management

Get customers live faster by following along with project status.

CRM Integration

Add Scope to Salesforce to track customer information in one place.


We founded Scope to reimagine implementations.
Now, we tackle all professional services.
Create new projects on behalf of your customers or invite them to enter their requirements directly. Scope will match the project with the best expert to take on the work.
Once created, Scope Projects walks both sides through everything—from proposal to live.


Implementations and professional services in general are key to customer success.
With Scope API, your customers will never wonder how to get the expert help they need. Ease their experiences by allowing them to create projects from your website or  app dashboard directly.
Identify your customers’ needs and roadblocks before they mention them, and proactively offer a solution.


Keep expectations consistent by handling contracts and payments in Scope.
Scope Contracts guides experts through template-based contract development, resulting in clear, consistent agreements that provide a seamless customer experience.
Each contract is legally binding and includes Master Service Agreement, Statement of Work, Deliverables, Timeline, and Cost.

Expert Verification

Scope works with our vendor partners to ensure they offer the most high-caliber experts.
We verify experts in a three-step process: 1. Direct Interviews, 2. Guidelines & Materials trainings, 3. Past & Sample Project review.
Each Scope expert has a business profile that lists its credentials and capabilities. Need new experts? We’ll identify those that are best suited to your product.


Utilize our expert marketplace to generate new customer leads.
As part of Scope Referrals, you’ll receive, track, and manage new customer leads sent directly from Scope experts.
Share information with your sales team and track lead progress and expert payouts, all in app.


At Scope, we want to close the communication gap between customers and experts once and for all.
Scope Chat facilitates dialogue among customers and experts—as well as vendor partners—to ensure that projects keep on track.
Identify questions or opportunities early, and keep tabs on customer experience without getting overwhelmed.

Project Management

Often, customers lose visibility into professional services once a contract is signed.
With Scope, customers stay in the loop throughout the build.
In our progress tab, experts update the status of each deliverable, from ‘To do’ to ‘In progress’ to ‘Completed’. With each stage shift, customer's receive notifications, allowing them to address missed deadlines proactively.

CRM Integration

Lack of professional services experts can be a customer roadblock to conversion.
Enable your sales team to create a Scope project directly from a Salesforce opportunity, when it’s top of mind.
Increase efficiency and track all lead data in one place.

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