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How does Scope train and verify experts?

To Scope, the "best experts" are those that are: 1. vetted, 2. trained and 3. verified. What does that look like in practice?

Jade Pathe
Blog Post
Oct 21, 2021

Scope partners with software companies to get their customers live. We do this with our implementation management system and expert marketplace.

We pride ourselves on connecting our vendors' customers with the "best experts" for their professional service needs. To Scope, the "best experts" are those that are: 1. vetted, 2. trained and 3. verified. What does that look like in practice?

1. Vetting: Expert Profiles & Interview

Scope recruits experts through traditional recruiting methods, our existing marketplace, and word of mouth. To vet these experts, we first learn the types of technologies and tools with which they have experience, knowledge, and comfort. We do so with the assistance of Scope Expert Profiles.

Expert profiles

In Expert Profiles, we discover:

  • Pricing
  • Team Structure
  • Service Offerings
  • Technology Expertise
  • Programming Languages
  • Industry Specialties
  • Platform Experience

Next, we interview the experts in direct conversations. We may ask experts to:

  • Detail their most recent project from start to finish, including the process and the outcome.
  • Discuss their methods to keep customers informed of project process.
  • Examine a time where a project was running behind schedule and how they handled it.

2. Training: Scope guidelines & Vendor materials

Vendor list

To begin training, we onboard experts to Scope. This includes reviewing the Scope Expert Code of Conduct and Scope Expert Onboarding resources for connecting and communicating with customers.

Then, we train our experts to work with specific vendors. For each vendor partner, we store and share documentation and use cases. These assets differ for each vendor, but may include:

  • Documentation Links
  • Test Account Instructions
  • FAQs
  • Sample Projects
  • Verification Processes

3. Verification: Past & Sample Projects

Finally, we verify expert capability through in-depth review of past and sample projects.

Sample projects exist in Scope, so experts get first-hand experience utilizing the platform and vendor partners can track their performance. These projects include knowledge challenges (i.e. Identify the main use cases of a vendor product), management confirmation (i.e. Describe how much an integration for this product would cost and how long it would take you to complete), and skill tests (i.e. Set up an integration).

If an expert has already completed a project for the vendor outside of Scope, we will review the process and result.

Scope expert opportunities

Addendum: The three C’s of a Scope expert

  • Communication: articulating project understanding and next steps that are tailored to the customer’s level of technical understanding
  • Curiosity: digging into the customer’s pain points and providing creative solutions to meet their unique needs
  • Commitment: delivering high-quality projects that meet user’s expectations and have a limited number of bugs